Are TV on demand aggregators really dead in the water?

Following SeeSaw’s closure, New Media Age today reports that analysts are saying there’s no room for TV On-demand aggregators. They cite the withdrawal of major UK and US broadcasters like Channel 4 from such TV only services as deflating any offering. They do, however, say this doesn’t preclude and entrant with short-form content emerging. The article concludes that there’s actually a convergence around the connected TV screen instead of a wide distribution model on desktops. A few years ago it had been seen as essential for broadcasters to distribute their programmes as widely as possible to avoid fading into insignificance with younger audiences. Has that now changed for long-form?

Does the now defunct SeeSaw service act as a canary for other such services?

I’m going to evaluate three vital issues in broadcasting: a) what is the impact of  connected TVs on desktop services?; b) why would broadcasters withdraw into a limited number of big services?; c) where next for video aggregators like Blinxbox, TV Catch Up, View TV, Joost and Hulu?

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