Albums I loved in 2012

My relationship with music was different and strange in 2012. Being out of the BBC’s Audio & Music department for the first time in five years and out of London for the first time since 1995, have distanced me from many of the trends that break sooner in the capital and within the music industry echo chamber. As I didn’t go to any festivals nor work at them and haven’t been to many gigs (think its just been ten), the new music I’ve loved had to work in headphone mode rather than in the speakers. New music discovery meanwhile required more directed searching via blogs, friend recommendations and podcasts.

Will there be another underground youth movement?

With another year passing without a significant youth musical movement emerging, I start to wonder whether we’ll ever have another rave or punk explosion. The disparate nature of music consumption combined with instant social communication probably prevents large underground movements ever existing in the same way again.

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