Why digital music needs a live layer

For the last couple of months, I’ve been working on an idea called Live Layer. I’ve decided not to take it any further, after landing an exciting new job in Bristol. However, I believe record labels and bands should look at it further to develop a deeper connection with fans and add an additional revenue stream.

What is it?

Live Layer is essentially about joining up the live gig going experience with fan loyalty schemes and online access to live performances.

Currently I get an alert from Songkick or see an advert for a band I like. I then go to ticketing agents and either buy a ticket or discover it is sold out. Despite showing an active interest in the band, I’m not given options to buy music, t-shirts or see them online. The two worlds of the fan club and ticketing are separate, whilst I may get alerts and reminders from the ticket agent about a whole host of stuff I’m not interested in (like Dancing on Ice tours).

So I thought, why don’t bands get people to sign up for discounted music and merch if they go to the gig. If they reach a ‘sold out’ sign why not offer them access a live stream of the gig and priority or discounts on future tours? Bands and labels could capitalise on an active interest and develop a relationship with people who are keen to support the band. You can also extend your band’s performance out to people who can’t go.

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