Beginning of the end for screens

Glazed eyes, cross legged, staring at a screen, whilst images flicker across pupils.

Clunky multi press , swipe and tap motions with one hand as I pull up the calculator – type , correct, type, undo.

Faux wooden bookshelves and dials, containing a mock toolkit which crudely beeps and swooshes, as if I’m an inhabitant of a Jeff Koon artwork.

Heads of digital departments in large electronic corps give keynotes at CES in Vegas declaring ‘soon you’ll have a screen in your smart fridge where you can get the latest weather report’.

It all seems so dated, so Microserfs, so CD-Rom – not the world of Internet of Things, the Quantified Self or wearable tech.

With Amazon Fresh’s announcement of a screen-free Dash device  , that works only via scanning or speaking, we see the beginning of the end for practical screen based services. As much as the mouse feels like a superfluous disconnection in personal computing, now that we have touch screens – so the screen will seem naively disjointed in achieving our computer assisted practical tasks.


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